About Comza

We are innovators. Creating value-added loyalty solutions for mobile network operators.

Comza is evolving the way people communicate. By creating innovative loyalty solutions for mobile networks in Africa, Asia and other frontier markets.

As the only widespread electronic communication platform, mobile technology has revolutionised the way we communicate.  Radically connecting and empowering customers like never before. 

But our context comes with its challenges.  Dynamics specific to many frontier market regions include; resource poor settings, lack of retail access, insufficient infrastructure and poor product design. 

At the heart of Comza's innovative solutions is a vision to adapt mobile communication as a means of overcoming these barriers. 

We aim to provide a range of affordable, convenient and secure services . Reaching more people in more regions and empowering them through communication, finance, internet, entertainment, education, agriculture and health. Adding value through relevance in their day to day lives.

The success of our Airtime Credit Service (ACS) product has confidently established Comza as the biggest micro-lender in Africa. Advanced airtime accounts for over 20% of airtime distributed. ACS is live in 19 markets across 16 countries, and still growing.

What makes Comza truly unique is a culture that promotes innovation through the meeting of like-minds. We partner with organisations and individuals who share in our vision with the same zest. Together, the possibilities are endless!

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to delivery of quality services that transform lives through technology. In pursuit of this commitment we have established a Quality Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Our goal is to be increasingly recognized for best professional and quality service in all the regions we operate in.

Believing our objectives to be fully achievable:

  • We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to enhance customer satisfaction
  • We are committed to communicating our goals within the company and to all stakeholders
  • We shall comply fully with laws, government guidance and industry codes of practice
  • We shall regularly measure our performance and review this policy every three years in order to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to our company

What Differentiates Us

    Empowering mobile subscribers with products and technological innovations that are relevant
    We build the infrastructure to support our solutions in our client's environment and provide 24/7 customer support.
    Constantly innovating with a quick to market approach that delivers on time without compromising on quality.
    As one of our core values, this marks the conduct that characterizes and marks our organisation.
    ComzAfrica’s imperative is to help mobile network operators increase revenues.

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