Our roots are rapidly growing, extending from Africa to the rest of the world.

Africa is our home but we also have presence in Asia. Helping our clients to effectively reach more people across the globe.

By design our solutions meet the needs of users in a range of developing contexts. Going beyond the bounds of physical location. 

Our clients appreciate that once users are satisfied with the services being provided, brand loyalty is strengthened.  Thereby enabling their daily revenues to increase both significantly and in a sustainable manner. 

Comza's value added services platforms are currently installed and live in 19 markets across 16 countries and we are still expanding.

Our Clients

Expansion Rollout

  • Benin

    Benin has a 54% rural population, which represents a vast market for mobile operators.

  • Burkina Faso

    Mobile telephony has experienced strong growth In Burkina Faso since competition was introduced in 2000

  • Burundi

    The Burundi mobile industry is experiencing rapid growth of 13% or more per year

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    DR Congo's mobile-phone use is growing steadily with potential market for many more subscribers.

  • Gabon

    Gabon is one of the most penetrated mobile markets in Africa.

  • Ghana

    Ghana is an early adopter of mobile technologies and has one of the most mature mobile networks on the continent.

  • Malawi

    The mobile penetration rate in Malawi allows for considerable opportunities for further growth

  • Niger

    Niger's low mobile penetration provides opportunity for operator expansion

  • Republic of Congo

    The Republic of Congo's population is served by 4 main mobile network operators and has a high mobile penetration rate

  • Rwanda

    Rwanda has one of the fastest growing mobile markets in Africa

  • Tanzania

    Tanzania’s mobile market seeks to build up a subscriber base through expansion to underserved areas

  • Togo

    Togo has a 61% rural population which represents a vast market for mobile operators

  • Zambia

    Zambia has high growth prospects because of a strong technology base and increasing rates of adoption

  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe's mobile penetration rate has gone past the 100% mark and now stands at 103.5%