Airtime Credit Service (ACS)

Airtime Credit Service (ACS) allows users to easily access airtime on a credit basis from wherever they are at anytime, day or night.

Promoted under the name ACS, Airtime Credit Service is Comza's flagship product. Designed to help pre-paid customers gain access to airtime in a convenient manner when they need it most.

Users don't always have access to a retailer or direct funds, this service allows them to access airtime on a credit basis and make that important call or send a message, automatically paying it back on their next top-up.

Regardless of being in a vibrant city, the tranquil countryside or on a secluded mountain top, ACS is where the user is and is compatible with 100% of mobile handsets. 


The service is offered through two main user interfaces; Short Message Service (SMS) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Upon meeting the eligibility rules, a customer can make an automated airtime on credit request using the interface of preference. The system will immediately load the airtime onto their account, ready for use. Repayment is automatically retrieved as soon as the customer performs their next recharge.

Product design with users in mind

Airtime - Communicate even after running out of pre-paid credit 

Anytime - ACS is accessible day or night 

Anywhere - ACS is where the customer is, as long as they can access the network 

Product design with MNOs in mind

Comza guarantees 100% of the risk associated with lending on credit.

ACS optimizes the opportunity for operators to sell additional airtime to pre-paid customers because of its ubiquitous and anytime availability.  

The service competitively strengthens customers’ brand loyalty through favourable brand experience and added product value.

Comza builds the infrastructure to support ACS in your environment.